Wylie built by RHS Contraction Services in Abilene, Texas

Tape, Bed & Paint

RHS Construction Services partners with Dean Hagler Painting on any size tape, bed, or paint project. Dean Hagler has been the leader in the West Texas area in the tape, bed, and paint industry for over 60 years.

drywall services: Commercial Building Contractor in West Texas - RHS Construction Services
Wylie built by RHS Contraction Services in Abilene, Texas

One-Stop Solution, One Low Price

RHS and Dean Hagler have common ownership. Because of this collaboration, RHS and Dean Hagler Painting can give you the most efficient and cost-effective solution on the market. It only makes sense to limit your hassle to one simple phone call for any framing, drywall, or paint projects your company has in mind.

Please give us a call for an estimate on all of your tape, bed, and paint needs.

RHS Construction Services serves commercial businesses of all shapes and sizes in the state of Texas. For more information on how RHS Construction Services can help your company, please call us at 325-455-0522.

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